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About Us

San Francisco Bay Aggregates is designing & building the first commercial facility to use Blue Planet Systems' patented carbon mineralization technology. 

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San Francisco Bay Aggregates is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Planet Systems. Our Pittsburg, CA plant will utilize CO   and waste concrete as feedstocks to produce two products; synthetic limestone aggregate, and up-cycled concrete aggregate.


These recycled, carbon-negative building materials are in high demand as municipalities and companies move to reduce embodied carbon in construction projects. To learn more about the embodied carbon of concrete and how Blue Planet's technology can reduced it head to

SF Bay Aggregates will be the global research and development hub for Blue Planet Systems, as our patented geomimetic technology is rolled out to different sectors worldwide.


Blue Planet Technology at San Francisco Bay Aggregates

Blue Planet technology combines waste carbon dioxide with calcium sourced from waste, to manufacture synthetic limestone aggregate.

The only inputs are waste concrete and CO2. The CO2 capture solution is refreshed by exposure to fresh Geomass so chemical consumption in negligible and there is no process waste.

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Blue Planet's patented mineralization technology is the only known scalable method for capturing and permanently sequestering billions of tonnes of CO2.


The process can use dilute CO2 from any source, at any concentration, and turn it into valuable building materials to enable carbon capture at a profit.


Each tonne of our aggregate permanently mineralizes 440 kg of CO2, preventing it from ever leaking or accumulating in the atmosphere.

San Francisco Bay Aggregates is supported by:

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