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The Blue Planet
Global Innovation Center

GIC Advantage

The Global Innovation Center (GIC) is Blue Planet's R&D hub from which we can develop, test and scale the next generation of cutting edge carbon management technology.   

GIC file.png

The Global Innovation Center enables our partners to utilize Blue Planet's decade of experience in developing carbon mineralization technologies to shortcut the path to scale. Instead of taking pilot plants to every emitter that wants to use Blue Planet's technology to decarbonize the operating conditions faced in that application can be brought to the GIC. This enables the use of the GIC's equipment, laboratories and, most importantly, personnel trained in the Blue Planet process and experienced in scaling it. 

This will save partners deploying Blue Planet plants multiple years and multiple millions of dollars. 

Industrial Integration

Partnerships are at the heart of what we do and the GIC enables Blue Planet to test the integration of the Blue Planet process with the different parameters we might experience at the next site we help tp decarbonize. 

Industrial Smoke
Industrial Smoke

CO2 Emissions

From dilute flue gas to pure CO2 the gas streams Blue Planet captures CO2 from vary immensely. The GIC can recreate the concentration, pressure, moisture and temperature of a gas stream to perfect the process without an onsite pilot

industry machine steam
industry machine steam


In some locations heat and steam can be used in the Blue Planet process. These conditions can be recreated using the GIC's equipment to skip the trial phase.

Rock Rubble
Rock Rubble


Different locations and industries will utilize different Geomasses. At the GIC these can be tested at scale so the optimal equipment can be specified in the design. 

lab image.jpg


Concrete Lab

The GIC is home to a world class concrete lab in which we can not only run quality assurance tests but develop novel concrete mixes that maximize carbon negativity and the other beneficial properties of Blue Planet aggregate.


Product Development

 Concrete has the most potential to store huge amounts of CO2 but Calcium Carbonate has countless uses which all have the potential to be made carbon negative using Blue Planet's technology. 

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